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School Resumption Date In Nigeria

School Resumption Date In Nigeria
A file photo of school pupils in Nigerian school.

School resumption date in Nigeria. Ministry of Education Reacts to Rumours Of June 1

Recently, it was revealed that some tertiary institution’s students have started resuming back to their various campuses expecting academic activities to commence shortly, following rumours that, the Federal Government of Nigeria has given order that all schools of the Federation should resume back to their normal curricular activities.

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The Federal Government  of Nigeria has ordered closure of all schools (both basic and tertiary institutions) in the country to outside academic activities indefinitely and all students were ordered to go home, as no school’s health facility will be responsible for the treatment of students during the period.

In the false viral news circulating on the internet, it made it known that the Federal Government of Nigeria has given order that all universities and polythecnics (both private and public), are to resume back to their academic activities on the 1st of June, irrespective of what happens concerning the global pandemic outbreak spreading all over the world.

However, the federal government, through it Federal Ministry of Education has given clarification to the viral news, calling it a “fake news”.

TheMinistry of Education reacting to this news on Twitter said that, “There is currently no confirmed date on the resumption of schools Nationwide. These are purported news articles to dissuade the public”

As made known by the ministry of education, the news on the resumption of tertiary institutions is fake news and it should be disregarded.

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Nigerians are urged to always neglect fake news especially at this period of time,as most bloggers or publishers don’t confirm informations from reliable sources before publishing it on their blogs, thereby misleading the public.

Also, there is no specific date yet for the resumption of schools Nationwide, as this will be communicated by the Federal Government, when schools are expected to resume and all students are expected to be with their parents.

Always visit newspaedia for reliable information so you wouldn’t be misguided.





  2. Staying at home is not good enough for us, we stay at home for long time but corona is increasing not decreasing. sir, let us open the schools and be faithful and prayerful and also to be vigilant. Together we can defeat corona by praying, secure, faithful etc

  3. Please federal government in the name of God let us resume this month, God is the most protector and he will protect us, not the sanitizer,the face mask or the social distancing have the power to protect us, please let us resume. THANKS

  4. please we have been waiting for a long time staying in d house….many tin dat we no b4 we have start to 4get it….i dont think dat there is someone dat still have d courage to take his or her book again..please n please we all are pleadin u people av done ur own it is now time for us to do ours…please let us do our own..covid19 is fake in nigeria..please let d school resume dis month…we all student are feel bored at home…dis is all i have to say thanks

  5. please we students are tired of staying at home we need to go back to our various schools. please Mr adamu &FG we are pleading

  6. sir please reopened our schools we are tired of staying at home God we protect us as take in to consideration the preventive measures of covid-19 God bless u sir as u work for the betterment if your children.

  7. Pls mr president! We are tiredof staying at home, you say stay at home nothing is don. Churches are locked down shool also How sure are we that the viriours exist in Nigeria? Students are tired versomm

  8. Pls sir school such not resume now because our parent need money for our feeding. If school resume now most students will not resume because of money. So give us time like (3month) so that our parent such look for money for our school feel.

  9. our lives is more precious than school its better to be alive than to go back and catch covid 19 but pls FG should do something

  10. Government, please I need ur help towards school resuming.
    Our brians, has 🔓 lock down to further notice, please , please, resume school.
    Allse our Brian will totally lock 🔓 till infinite, if school do not resume.

  11. Pls government should do something about school because very soon everybody will become dull. We really want to go to school

  12. Infact, people are tired at home, but what of if de virus wash all or transmit to students while on campus? (school) what wil be de importance of school?

  13. “Corona virus”,,was born in China school in Italy and become a business man in Nigeria.this set at home is wasting wasting my time pls Mr fg.

  14. With duer respect i humbly wish to plead with the federal govt to pls reopen schools and emphasis on the basic rule of using mask,hand gloves and washing hands with hand sanitizers…
    I know if the pandemic kills allot of students the blame with be on you but suggest a way for us

  15. Let the federal government try to do something about it, especially ministry of education.secondly they are some graduate who are jobless and are try to do one something or the other but due to this covid-19,they cannot earn a living.FG try to do something before all the state turn to something else.

  16. I no what FG government is doing because they send their children abroad to study and that is why they suffering us and went these pandemic to go in abroad b4 reopened a schools

  17. pls sir help us we are tired of staying at home, and the online learning that’s going on now is not everyone that have access to it I mean we are already frustrated enough and our exams are coming up pls sir let’s go back to school everyone we be very careful of what to do now and pls sir you can help to guide us on what to do if we eventually go back to school and it will make our parents happy and we too pls sir help us before everyone losses interest in school.

  18. With all due respect sir, let it be on 1st June 2020 atleast for the sake of we the WAEC candidates because there is an extent one will read and will not be able to assimilate again or even forget what have been read
    please sir, we will be very careful to keep any regulation and grateful if you grant our request.

  19. We are tired of staying at home. Pls do something about this pandemic ‘we owe go school oo. Just tell us the data school will open

  20. pls mr, Adamu Adamu we are very tired of the coronal virus pandemic and we would want school to open fully on first of june ooo we are very tired sir.

  21. We are tired of this lockdown of a thing wr know our govt are trying their possible best to fighyy dis pandemic but sir time is not by our side

  22. “Too many cooks spoil the broth” schools should be open, let government provide sanitizers and all other necessary things all over including private working places because of the high cost of those things, if such is done our country would get ease of such problems and so on…………

  23. Adamu Adamu or what your name is called. If you like say we should stay at home Nigerians will survive but remember whatever you do to the foot the head is still affected! You guys have turned the lives of Nigerians to politics isn’t it? While we are battling corona virus you guys did not postpone primary election in Edo state till further notice! But you are postponing school activities. While you all told us to lock down, you guys were going to the office shey? While you were enforcing nosemacks Buhari himself did not wear and he wasn’t harassed. Whatever you guys do to us negatively must surely bounce back to all those children of yours.

  24. I reserved my comment. Bt to be sincerely all dose student sayin dat they are tired of staying at home they are the most unseriouce onec and they dont want to help there parent to do some work at home. At did been government did not closed school thesame groups of students will complain that the federal government are so wickid for not closing schools while other countries have closed there own. So pleace my advice here is that we should appreciate every effort that government at making toword her citizens. Thanks

  25. People know that the corona thing in Nigeria is just scam…NCDC never responded to a call made to them..
    They only impose states to generate numbers for them and they keep squandering money..
    The market is open and you think if there is corona all won’t contact..who are we deceiving..
    You guys the FG hold meeting and do all sort of things and yet we still stay at home..
    You kids are all studying oversees and the ones here are not your concern..
    This country is so corrupt that nobody can do anything..
    Since you people want to play hide I seek with God/Allah..don’t fail to understand that God/Allah is the only salvation..
    Open schools, churches,mosques and markets…
    People are dying of hunger..
    I have said my peace.

  26. Is it not an Apoly that our leaders are making money with this so called pandemic? They’re are the one corrupting this country, we believe that this Ailment is real but is not here in Nigeria, they’re working hand in hand with NCDCs to provide numbers of confirm cases of covid19(Audio case).
    Pleas Mr. Adamu, with due respect sir, we are tired of staying at home, i beg of you to reopen the schools. Before he start calling us lazy youths, thank you for your understanding and have a nice day sir….

  27. How I wish the coro destroy all this unfaithful and injustice government and there Senate….. now ur stupidness of letting God out of this issue because of your own selfish reason, as it resolved the problem. Please government or whatever you call yourself, as for me I know you are all source of crime and fraud. Please don’t disturb the future of the children.

  28. Pls sir adamu
    We plead you
    We beg you
    We deeply beg u to announce
    Our resumption we are all tired of staying home with doing nothing
    Is as if we students are put in jail .
    No where to go talkless of moving around
    We beg .u
    We help us with that
    We don’t care of the Coronavirus
    Because I’m confused where u are seeing more cases
    Even if is just one or two cases u people are seeing it will be better
    But it something like 200 upward
    How possible
    Pls we beg help us open it in June THANKS ALOT

  29. Please FG,we all know that this corona stuff is not in nigeria,even if its in nigeria its not much as u re saying it,we all know wat u need is money,nobody is asking u not to make ur money but please dont use urs to delay ours,please am begging you,announce the real resumption date and let our mind be at rest please🙏🙏🙏you can continue making your money by employing doctors in the university with all techniques needed,the country is even going to love u like dat nd dey re going to believe that truly there’s corona virus nd u we keep receiving the moneys you re receiving,i will be waiting for a response about the resumption date from our dear FG

  30. FG, we know that u guys are trying alot to ensure everyone is safe , most especially student by closing schools ,but it will be of advantage if schools are been open and strictly ensure safety measures

  31. Am tired of staying at home,pls let us résumé school,because some of thé student with low understanding Will go back to 0% why aime on test have high leave of understanding Will go back to 83%,sir pit us,

  32. It’s a pity i’m seeing the whole reactions from many students in a different dimension.
    If you claim to be a student-university student, it is expected that your reaction should be expressed in error free, simple English language. It’s an eyesore to see a semi graduate expressing his/her thought with SIC words consistently.
    In support anyway, students need to go back to school without delay mr MINISTER FOR EDUCATION.

  33. Please sir, the student in some of us is remaining 5%. Will u allow it to go down to 3%? Please let’s resume next month xo that we can boost up the student in us, and graduate at the proper year.

  34. Sir, am using this opportunity to say these out here. Were are nt a goats or hens that would be in a garden 4 a long time and keep muting like that. You are wasting our time without doing anything. We can’t be sitting down at home busy doing nothing. Okay, fine. If we keep sitting down at home,what are we going to do with our fees? Especially our hostel dues. So, our sitting down home is meaningless. Like you are wasting it. And we have a lots of thing to do in our lives. Pls and pls SIR. Let’s hear the date we’re gonna resume. We’ve tired staying at home, let’s get back to school. Thanks

  35. pls sir, Honestly we are tired of staying at home doing nothing,pls reopen school so that we can continue or studies pls sir

  36. Sir this lockdown is really on our neck as students. Online platform is good for remote learning, but fairly all students will participate because of Its nature.I enjoy contact learning because it is interactive.

    The nursery/primary children are all dead of knowledge what was learnt is gone,are future leaders are lacking behind.

    Sir I’m tired of this lockdown let the school resume please and let’s continue our normal classroom activities. And let the government impose control measures in all schools.

  37. Sir resuming school is gud but wat has to dome is simply for d ncdc to fumigate every where in d school nd provide ur with d sanitizers Nd other preventive materials

  38. Pls. Sir we tired of staying at home and because of that many student who were brilliant students are becoming ignorant. Pls do something

  39. I as a person know that the virus is definitely in Nigeria. But the only problem is that it is not up to the amount they are calling. It seems they have turned it into a political thing. If this is so, please I beg you with whatever you hold dear consider students. Thanks a lot.

  40. plz sir we d student of Nigeria are tired of staying at home ad doing nothing ..
    this lockdown is much to us yes we know dat it is for our own good you d government are doing it for buh sir we are hoping u could at least free us ad send us bk to skul so as to be able to finish our academic session dis year ..
    we can adapt to d use of nose mask ad gloves so as to protect our selves from d virus ……ad sir u d government ad Mr president made mention of E-learning sir is not every one nor every skul dat can adapt to dis new features of learning…..
    plz sir try ad sympathize with us d student d more we stay at home d more we lose interesting in learing ….plz l humble beg dat d government should at least give us a specific date for skul resumption. ..
    Thank u sir ad may God help u d government ad Mr president ad as well as us d citizen in dis fight for covid 19.

  41. Pls FG, school resumption is what we beseech u of.
    we are very tired of staying at home, we beg of u to hv a considerable thought on school resumption.
    covid 19 will surely return 2 where it comes from in d miraculous name of JESUS CHRIST (amen).
    pls do d needful,

  42. Am pleading with Nigerian government that they stop playing politice with pandemic this of a thing pls open all schools .

  43. To Mr Adamu I will bring my own idea of allowed student to resume for a week and now text them to know maybe is true that they were affected and more over this so call covid 19 did not affect any poor people why it is that is affecting the upper and the big man? Pls stop wasting our time and also think of private teachers are u going to pay them salary

  44. Sir,
    Even though COVID-19 is still growing and didn’t reach its peak. Meanwhile, we still have to wait home for the pandemic to be contained, curbed, curtailed and cushioned otherwise its will spread to all nooks and crannies.

  45. Pls Mr adamu, we are tired of this bad pandemic dat is happening in this our country. I believe in God dat every thing will still come to and end. Sir we are tired of seating at home pls release us, we want to go back to school. Don’t ignore our comment is not easy to stay at home.

  46. I DON’T blame you governments, because your children DON’T study here in Nigeria, that’s why you governments won’t take quick actions. You said social distancing and during the burial of the Late chief of staff, we all saw the numbers of people who were present, and you said the man died of this so called Covid-19. Fine you say people died of it and still we DON’T see their burials, we see empty begs at the isolation center when ever its been shown on TV, pls what’s the meaning of all this nonsense, so you want to tell us that its only the chief of staff that has been buried, out of those that died from the virus? Pls DON’T fool us. Let we all students return back to school and impose a compulsory use of face mask, regular use of alcoholic based hand sanitizer and other necessary precautions. Pls are all these things hard for you to do if not for the money you all are benefiting from this pandemic. May the Good God judge you all

  47. FG pls open schools ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    m just tired af
    been home since January 😪😪😪😪

  48. Please FG these covid19 is really creating serious problem to we the student honestly, staying at home for a very long period of time without knowing when the so callled pandemic will be over, really unfair, look at some of us that wrote jamb, we all are seriously waiting for the post jamb to write and get to school and all these virus of a thing begin to arise to bad, you all knows the right thing to do, since you know how to fix date for closure i think you also should fix a date for the school to resume please, we have really studied hard and even tired of reading, please help all the student are home sick, we need your say please our noble government, if only you can even see my comment. Thanks

  49. We are seriously tired of staying at especially we that don’t have jobs to do
    staying at h home is not easy at all, pls help us let’s go back to school

  50. I wonder what’s the problem of Nigerians government the always are’nt straight forward, now it look asif we are all cows in the whole fedration, can’t understand, pls let resume school please, corona virus is really fake in Nigeria, why not let resume and stop all the political business and listen to the cry of student and their parent, so that we’ll do the right thing please.

  51. Mr adamu pls sir this staying at home is really affecting us big time especially kindergarten, nursery, primary they can’t cope at all they are becoming doll day by day please pity this upcoming generation let Dem learn🙏🙏even me as a tertiary student I can’t cope any longer all I do is sleep nd wake’s not really easy to read at home too many distractions,pls sir consider that u also have kids pls lets resume back to school with all rules nd regulations… thank you sir

  52. Sir plz help us do that we wouldn’t repeat 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  53. Mr Adamu pls an pls Mr Adams
    The resume is more important
    Because time does not weht for someone,
    In Nigeria now about covid19 it’s in hand of Papa god
    Mai god saved our nation

  54. Pls we beg u, we are tired of staying home. Nd also we do online lecture but is not like d lecture we take in school cus some of d student are not privileged to Ave a Android phone. Pls find something to do abt dis Pandemic.. Let every skul should resume next month, cus we are tired of staying at home…

  55. Pls we beg u, we are tired of staying home. Nd also we do online lecture but is not like d lecture we take in school cus some of d student are not privileged to Ave a Android phone. Pls find something to do abt dis Pandemic.. Let every skul should resume next month, cus we are tired of staying at home…

  56. Pls we beg u, we are tired of staying home. Nd also we do online lecture but is not like d lecture we take in school cus some of d student are not privileged to Ave a Android phone. Pls find something to do abt dis Pandemic.. Let every skul should resume next month, cus we are tired of staying at home…

  57. with all due respect sir,would you please mind to allow schools resume in Nigeria? because staying at home is not what I can easily cope with,I felt dull ,sleepy always . we shall be very happy if our request of resumption is put in to consideration as such, as far as doing away with Covid-19 is not an easy task, I suggest you should allow schools resume while the health cares provide strong chemical to be used by students when in school premises so we do not miss our target for the betterment of tomorrow.

  58. we are serious of what we are saying here,pls help us bcoz some of us are suppose to write junior waec this year, but because of this pandemic some of us are so worried bcoz of our exam, continue with your prayer and am sure God will answer our prayer by his grace.
    thank you

  59. FG pls help us ooo we are teird at home secondly as a student we should all help and stop the spread of the disease.

  60. Dear sir, please whatever you do today is a story for tomorrow sir, we students we plead to you to let resume back to school.some students are worst the by the. So please sir on behalf of (NSOA) Nigeria students of association, we use God to beg you please free us.

  61. you people are begging them to open all schools
    if this covid 19 is still at Nigeria
    no school will be open
    so we fellow students let’s pray for corona to leave our country Nigeria so that we can get back to school

  62. Mr adamu or what ever u call ur self….
    av come to realised dat u dnt av common sense …
    no “just emajin
    how can u close down the schools nd worship places in nigeria
    nd the markets are widely open…
    if i may eve ask u the FG
    “where do we av population most”..if not in the market
    nd u think u are we are maintaining social distance
    nawa oo…
    ok come to think of it sef
    how can u also close the place of worship..where u knw our help come from..or u think God ur creator is happy wt dat
    see eeh am sorry for u cos u dont knw what u ar doing nd the consequences u will face soon if u fail to release schools nd church…
    less i forget sef …we the waec candidate ar waiting for our time table ….so pls nd pls do something dear FG … case u wanna knw me…am master nwafor oforbuike innocent…mtcheww

  63. Dear mr adamu
    am tired of this sit at home
    pls and pls i beg
    have conscience for once nd know that we the nigeria student ar not happy
    especially the ss3 waec candidate….
    we are waiting for our time table oo

  64. uhm we all knws about u leaders of nigeria,covid-19 is not truely in nigeria,is making maney in business so pls look the almigthy who knw everythngs abuot u,
    don’t forget,we students shall not forgiveness allh ya isanmu.

  65. Peace be upon you, this situation is very bad occasion I even in myself I have tired for staying at home since, please I beg you please to open the school.

  66. Please for God sake we student are pleading for resumption not all sch do online activities as the FG announces so what will such student that his/her sch dont do online activity do ,please we beg our government please God wil save us from this virus

  67. FG Pls help us stayin at home cnnt stop dat so cald corona virus.U Pple close dwn schools nd place f worship bt u pple allowd market nd oda place open nd u pple ar claimin dat u ar observin socia distance if am mistaken d mst populatd place is markt bcoz dat is d place where pple buy nd d places f church nd school is learnin school socia distance cn be observd as wel as church.d use f face mask nd hand glove is even mre easier t use in bth school nd church.pls FG Pity us nd help us.stop addin numbas every day,mins,hrs nd seconds.u pple claim t discharge patient whom ar being cure,FG hve u discove d VACCINE?

  68. Pls ooo we beg all our government to allow all student should go back to school as early as possible next month that is june because we student are all tired of staying at home. Pls we beg of you oo Thank

  69. the federal government should please do something we are tire of staying at home we all know that covid19 is not real please temper mercy with justice you want to get money and destroy our featured covid19 is not real since there is not vaccine for the virus why are they discharged people what did they give them and why are the healthy and OK please sir if you are in our shoes how will you fill all us to go back to school sorry to say that is in this situation that some students will start doing something stupid some may even started stalling drinking and do some manner of thing I guess the government needs second Boko Haram better allowed us to move towards our featured I hope that the fg will see my comments

  70. Please, we students are tired of staying at home, we really want to go back to school, reopen schools… Na beg we all dah beg, pls

  71. Please, my question is can the FG see our comments? My situation right now is bad because of this online exams, I really want the FG to do something about it

  72. My own problem is that my school is saying we should write online exams which is not fair to us. Final year students of Bowen university did their online exams and they said it was terrible. Please Sir the way you ordered all schools to be closed please order all schools not to write this online exams, it’s just not right to us and the school rules on this online exams is too much. The timetable is out already, the exams is first of June, I’ve been trying to contact the FG through comment and email but it wasn’t helpful at all. Please pity us, Thanks.

  73. I know the government is looking out for students but I would suggest schools resume only if the rule of use of face masks and gloves accompanied with hand sanitizers are strictly followed and obeyed

  74. I know the government is looking out for students but I would suggest schools resume only if the rule of use of face masks and gloves accompanied with hand sanitizers are strictly followed

  75. Please, you are wasting our precious time at home doing nothing.We are tired of staying at home. There brains as been total Lockdown

  76. FG should be plsd creat a special control measure for schools. This stay at home is just waisting of childrens’ time.

  77. Whatever decisions our leaders are making now,they should please remember that time is not on anyone’s side.Remember this stay at home thing also has its disadvantages.The academic session for this year is gradually running.Mr Adamu this pandemic might stay with us for a long time to come who knows so why let it put things to a standstill and keep controlling us?We can as well resume and continue our school activities and still be conscious of the virus.With enough warnings and guidelines I’m sure students will be very much careful with things they do now.I’m sure no one will want to die.Honestly sir we are tired of staying at home and I think(God forbid) if we continue like this for a long time many students will lose interest in school activities.Even as it is the online class will not help matters cos’ not everyone has access to it.Going back to school is the best.We’re frustrated already enough sir pls just announce a date for resumption so that everyone will have something to look forward to.Thank you.

  78. I strongly believe that these pandemic in nigeria is now a political stuff…but sir pls reopen schools again pls …thanks sir

  79. advisevily to you minister of education adamu adamu is better to stay and make decision for resume of school in nigeria totally covid 19 is fake in nigeria so we don’t like this king of nonses we are waiting for resuming date immediatly


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