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Health Issues You Could Manage Drinking Lime and Garlic Water


Health Issues You Could Manage Drinking Lime and Garlic Water


The benefits of garlic can never be overemphasized, it has been used to treat several dreadful diseases in the past and the present will not the different.

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It contains antioxidant properties, immune boosting and antiinflammatory properties as well just to mention but a few.


As small as it is, though has an unpleasant taste to the mouth but offers a wide range of health benefits with includes presence of vitamins, minerals etc.

How to prepare

Get about a liter of lime water and add enough cloves of garlic.

Allow this to soak overnight.

From the next morning you can start to drink.


Drink 1shot first thing in the morning. Do this for 2weeks.

What are the health benefits?


Intestinal worms often cause nausea, tiredness, stomach pain etc. Example of intestinal worms are tapeworm, pinworm, roundworm etc.

They are caused by poor hygiene and dirty feeding habits.

This juice is very effective in fighting those worms.

Smooth skin.

Lime contains vitamin C which is a very reliable producer of collagen. Collagen is a glycoprotein that is responsible for healthy and smooth skin.

Improves immunity.

Lime and garlic contains antioxidant properties that help fight oxidative diseases. They also contain immune boosting properties that fights infections and makes the body defence strong.

Prevents heart diseases.

Antiinflammatory properties found in the 2 components of this drink makes it hard for artery inflammation to occur ( which is a cause of heart diseases) and also the antioxidant properties helps avoid clogging of fats in the artery.

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Removes fat deposits.

This drink is very efficient in burning fats particularly due to the presence of lime.

Reliefs respiratory disorders when added ginger.

Pneumonia, asthma, cough etc are perfectly soothed with the use of this drink.

Aids Weight loss

Taking this drink with proper workouts shall reduce your weight drastically.

Fights digestive difficulties

If you are having digestive difficulties, with this drink it is kept at bay.

Normalizes blood sugar.

This drink may also help keep blood sugar in check.

Helps fights eye problems

Garlic contains chemical compounds that are responsible for keeping the eyes healthy

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