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“I’m never a good girl when it’s Bed time”-Angela Eguavoen


I’m never a good girl when it’s sex time says Angela Eguavoen

Nollywood actress, and producer, Angela Eguavoen has revealed what she prefers when it comes to relationship, sex and marriage.

Talking about sex, she said, “Sex is a beautiful thing when you get to have it with someone who is into you as much as you’re into them, it is a blessing.

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Anytime this is the case I am never a good girl when it is time for action.”

Discussing about relationship and marriage, she explained; “I love relationships, I love love.

But I’d rather remain single than being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t respect me, have my back, or support me and most importantly my career.

It’s a NO! NO!. For marriage, I am going to get married to the love of my life someday. But for now, I am single as they come.

Angela started acting in 2013 but she was still in the university then.

Combining academics with acting was a major problem for her that she had to stop acting to focus on her education

“I came back when I was done with school and NYSC.

I am so glad I didn’t sideline my education because the course I studied, English/Literature has really helped in this career path I’ve chosen,”

Angela has a first degree in English/Literature which actually shaped her.

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