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Ministry of Education Resumption Rumour

Ministry of Education Resumption Rumour
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Ministry of education reacts to resumption rumour.

Recently, it was revealed that some tertiary institution’s students have started resuming back to their various campuses expecting academic activities to commence shortly, following rumours that, the Federal Government of Nigeria has given order that all schools of the Federation should resume back to their normal curricular activities.

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The Federal Government  of Nigeria has ordered closure of all schools (both basic and tertiary institutions) in the country to outside academic activities indefinitely and all students were ordered to go home, as no school’s health facility will be responsible for the treatment of students during the period.

In the false viral news circulating on the internet, it was said that the Federal Government of Nigeria has given order that all universities and polythecnics (both private and public), are to resume back to their academic activities on the 1st of June, irrespective of what happens concerning the global pandemic outbreak spreading all over the world.

However, the federal government, through it Federal Ministry of Education has given clarification to the viral news, calling it a “fake news”.

TheMinistry of Education reacting to this news on Twitter said that, “There is currently no confirmed date on the resumption of schools Nationwide. These are purported news articles to dissuade the public”

As made known by the ministry of education, the news on the resumption of tertiary institutions is fake news and it should be disregarded.

Nigerians are urged to always neglect fake news especially at this period of time,as most bloggers or publishers don’t confirm informations from reliable sources before publishing it on their blogs, thereby misleading the public.

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Also, there is no specific date yet for the resumption of schools Nationwide, as this will be communicated by the Federal Government, when schools are expected to resume and all students are expected to be with their parents.

Always visit newspaedia for reliable information so you wouldn’t be misguided.

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