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Shocking: Niece Makes Love with Married Uncle

A girl feeling shy after making love with uncle
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A 19-year-old niece known as Suliana is in love with her uncle who is married. I mean a very serious one, such that is gradually becoming what could be termed as “addiction”. Although the uncle is married, the young woman stealthily pays visit to make love to him.

According to her, she doesn’t like what she is doing. She has been trying to put an end to it but she couldn’t. Kindly advice her on what to do. Your piece of advice could change her and prevent her from a ‘bigger’ problem ahead especially if the uncle’s wife finds out. Here is what she told Newspaedia agents.

My name is Suliana. I am 19 years old. I just need your advice please. I am actually in love with my uncle who lives at ikotun, Lagos State. I like making love with him every time I pay him a visit. Or when he visits me especially when my parents are not at home. We normally have s*x, I mean real hot s*x.

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The last time I went to his place his wife wasn’t at home, she went to sell at the shop. So he was the only one at home, all of a sudden we started making romantic move and that is how we ended up on bed.

Though, he has been resisting me severally because he is married but I don’t know what is wrong with me, I keep pressing and luring him to make love to me. Or am I possessed, I don’t know.

I know what I am doing is not really good but the problem is that I can’t just stop. I like every moment when I am with him. Please, what should I do to stop or is it advisable to continue.. but what if the wife finds out?

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The last time we were together the wife almost caught us but he was smart to cover everything up. I don’t like what I am doing but the problem is that I can’t stop.


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