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Top 5 Cheapest Hotels In Ilorin, Nigeria


Top 5 Cheapest Hotels In Ilorin Nigeria. It is very affordable for everyone.

Here is the list of top five cheapest and affordable hotel in Kwara state, Nigeria

Kwara State is a western Nigerian State and the major ethnic group is Yoruba. The minorities in the state are Fulanis and Nupe. They are minor due to the fact that Kwara is quite close to the north. The State capital is Ilorin.

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Are you new in Ilorin, Kwara state or are you stranded due to late night travel and arrival? Below are list of top 5 cheap, affordable and secured hotels you could spend your night.

List of Cheapest Hotels In Ilorin, Nigeria

1. Fountain Guess Inn

Fountain Guest Inn is a budget hotel located Adewole Estate, Ahmadu Bello Way, Ilorin, Nigeria. The hotel offers spacious accommodation to guests

Each room at Fountain Guest Inn has a private bathroom, flat screen TV sets, a sofa, and a refrigerator.

N2000 (Avg/night)

2. Alloy guest house:

Alloy guest house is a budget hotel off Pipeline Marshalla street, Ilorin, Kwara.
Electricity supply is stable and the rooms are Wifi serviced. 

N3,000 (avg/night)

3. Femkem:

The hotel is cool and serene for any visitor. Femkem hotel is located at number 1, Police road, in the quiet government residential area of Ilorin, Kwara state. The rooms available in the hotel are classified as classic, superior and deluxe suites.


4. Unique Guest House

Unique Guest House is Located along University road in Kwara, the parking lot is adequate, and the greenery is lush. Their rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished with bedside lamps, a desk and chairs to make work visits easier. 

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N2100 (avg/night)

5. Baseline Guest House

Baseline Guest House is a cheap and affordable hotel for any visitor to spend time in. It is located at 16, George Innih Drive, Adewole Housing Estate, Ilorin, Kwara state. It is a walking distance from Adeta Baseball Court; a great place for the sport lovers. It’s a small hotel and provides a very homely feeling.

N3500 ( avg/night)


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