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Kanayo O. Kanayo Becomes A Barrister


A 58 year old veteran Nigerian actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has finally become a Barrister after passing law school examinations.

He is an evidence of achievement after utililsing his passion to achieve his desires thereby fulfilling his dreams even at the age of 58.

Kanayo O kanayo becomes a Barrister after passing exams
file photo of Kanayo O kanayo.

Nollywood veteran, Kanayo, has just become the latest full-fledged barrister.

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Thus, the actor is joining the justice system just after passing his law school examinations

According to his official page on photo-sharing app he informs the world about his achievement.

At age 58, veteran Nigerian actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has proven to his fans that everything is achievable.

It’s possible once a person is filled with dedication and a burning passion to achieve his/her desires.

The celebrated movie veteran is now the latest full-fledged barrister.

For passing his law school school examinations, he is joining the justice system.

Kanayo recently shares his official page on photo-sharing app to give a hint about his success.

Following his recent success, the actor shared a screenshot of a report stating that he has passed his law school exams.

In the caption, he said: “Thank you for your prayers and support. Congratulating me without knowing what and why.

It’s called FRIENDSHIP. It’s called TRUST. It’s called CONFIDENCE. We keep it low and conservative till after the call.”

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Fans and colleagues have sent him congratulatory messages as he becomes a Barrister.

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