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Travelling Tips For First-Time Travellers


Here are the best travelling Tips for first time travellers.

Recall that in the previous articles on travelling, I mentioned the safest states to visit in Nigeria. Also, I listed about 13 of the states.

Today’s post is about why you travel, how you travel, and basic precautions that need to be taken while traveling especially if you are visiting some states like Borno, Nigeria.

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According to Wikipedia’s definition and classification, Borno is a state in north-eastern Nigeria. Its capital and largest city is Maiduguri. The state was formed in 1976 from the split of the North-Eastern State. Until 1991 it contained what is now Yobe State. The motto or slogan of the state is “Home of Peace”. Borno is the homeland of the Kanuri people in Nigeria and several other ethnic group.

Borno used to be one of the safest, and most populated states in Nigeria. It was a state that anyone visiting northern Nigeria would always wish to visit before the ‘advent’ of bokoharam terrorists in 2009.

The dreaded bokoharam terrorists have made the ‘one time Paradise’ to become hell and nightmare for most people especially the indigenes.

Although Nigeria Government is trying its neutralizing these terrorists, there is no total revamp in the region as the terrorists and bandits grow in its sizes on daily basis thereby posing more security challenges to the country.

The essence for this article is to create awareness and caution you on how to plan your movement, should you ever find yourself in this region of the country. Not only Borno, there are other states too especially those I didn’t include in my previous articles.

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Why do you travel?

Most often, people don’t know why they travel. Sometimes it’s surprising that someone would just leave his house without having reasons for doing so.

Before leaving the house may be to the neighboring states… just ask yourself, this place I am going to what is my mission there? What am I going there to do? Is the visitation going to be short a long one?- whatever it is just have a good reason for travelling.

How Do you Travel?

After you must have gotten your reasons for travelling, the next one is how do I travel. Do I have enough resources to sustain my stay there?

Even if the person you are going to visit is a president, make sure you have money on you.

Be sure of your destination.. if you don’t know, use Google map on your phone or any Internet accessible device.

Don’t solely depend on the drive for you destination.

Precautions To Be Taken while Travelling

I have said this before and I am still going to emphasize on it;

On no account should you travel without extra money in your pocket or wallet.

If the journey would cost $20, make sure you have extra $20 with you, that is total of $40.

If you are travelling by a cab/taxi, make sure it’s a registered vehicle.

Also, endeavor to note the registration number on that vehicle, this is very important too.

While siting in the vehicle always try to avoid direct contact with the next person (stranger) seating close to you.

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If you are travelling or visiting places like Borno state(Nigeria), make sure you are extra careful.

Watch your time, once it’s getting late, just find a place to sleep till the next day before you continue.

Avoid night journeys as much as you can because criminals and armed Robbers take advantage of night journey.

I hope this article was useful, keep following newspaedia for next piece.

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