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Ways To Stem Rape Cases On Campuses- Professor

Ways To Stem Rape Cases On Campuses- Professor
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Ways To Stem Rape Cases On Campuses says a university professor.

According to Prof. Adebukola Osunyikanmi, tertiary institutions in the country needs to ensure transparency in reporting statistics about rape cases on campuses.

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They need to consider developing orientation materials on consent so as to minimize the increasing rape cases in the society.

This is just as she decried the increasing cases of murder of rape victims across the country.

Osunyikanmi, enjoined parents to be watchful of their children.

Parents should be mindful of those they leave their children with.

She expressed disatisfactions that some social non-conformists have turned the period COVID-19 in the country to victimising the innocent ladies and defiling them.

Prevailing ‘Rape Culture’ In Nigeria

She advises that Nigerians must not entrench rape culture in the country.

Also, she added that bestial behaviour was never part of our culture.

Osunyikanmi said:

“When I say rape culture, it can be described as a society where rape is prevalent.

It is normal or blamed on the way the victims present themselves.

“Rape is very terrible and the victims don’t deserve blame but support, because blame might destroy the victim. 

In actual fact, the stigmatization that goes with it has a way of discouraging not only the victims but their family members as well.

An upsurge in Rape Cases

“As a lecturer for over two decades, I find the upsurge in rape cases especially during this period extremely alarming and saddening as well.

This rape cases occur more in home.

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“The trend is now all over every area from those killed to those who call out their rapists on social media.

I sincerely hope that when higher schools like universities and polytechnics as well as other citadels of learning resume the institutions will ensure that necessary steps to prevent such on campuses are taken.

“We should all stop victim blaming, and instead of teaching on how not to get raped.

It is a must we also teach people not to rape.

One needs to stop the efforts of only suggesting that victims must protect themselves.

we should deal with the perpetrators as well.

“None of such cases when made public should be allowed to die down and out.

“I find it shocking that a man or men would rape a female and still be callous enough to go ahead and kill such an already helpless person.

“There is an alarming number of rape cases but the incident of rape- murder cases is comparatively less.”

Ways To Stem Rape Cases On Campuses

Having examined the situation, she proffer solutions on how to hamper the rising rape cases.

The professor says;

“Everyone should realise that silence during sex doesn’t not mean consent.

Note that rape will not end until men are a part of the solution.”

She says that no one should induce another into sex with drugs or alcohol.

Similarly, she calls for support for those fighting rape in every way possible.

Finally, she cautions the media to stop showing violence against women in whatever form.

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