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Landlord Burns Woman To Death

Landlord Burns Woman To Death
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Landlord burns woman to death over her inability to complete house rent payment in Cross River, Calabar.

A landlord, David Ntiero Okon, is arrested for setting his tenant ablaze.

Reasons behind the burning is over her failure to pay N11, 000 house rent.

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The ugly incident occurred on Wednesday at Ansa Ewa Street, Cobham Town (Bayside area of Calabar South).

According to eye withness, the landlord poured fuel on Mrs Mary Samuel’s room and light a fire to burn the entire one-room apartment.

Security guard who is a tenant in the house by name, Obongette narrates that Mary, who lived in the house for over seven years, owed the landlord N11, 000 after her fish business shrinks due to frequent attacks by militants in the Calabar Water Channel.

How Landlord burns woman to death

The Guard’s statement as Landlord burns woman:

“The woman was a fish seller and on Wednesday morning, she went to buy fish at Oron in Akwa Ibom State .

“When she returned in the evening, the landlord asked her to pay the balance of her annual rent.

“She said she didn’t have any money but should be allowed to sell her fish the next day to raise money to pay the rent.”

“The landlord was angered by the woman’s appeal and accused her of refusing to pay the rent.

“When the woman went to bathe, the landlord poured fuel in the room.

“After bathing, as she stepped into the room, the man ignited a fire which engulfed the place.

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“As the woman shouted and tried to escape, the man locked the door and when people came to rescue her, he brought out a machete and chase them away, threatening to kill anyone who dares to rescue the burning lady.” Obongette, says.

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Obongette says “after the woman’s death, people in the area gathered and took the corpse to the landlord’s apartment and laid it there till the next day.

Police came yesterday(being Thursday) afternoon and carried the corpse.

“They also arrest the man because we ensured that he didn’t escape.

“The house was built by his late father.’’

The state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Irene Ugbo, confirmed the incident, arrests landlord, deposits the corpse in the mortuary.

Investigation is ongoing to ascertain what really is the actual issue.


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