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Ondo Announces School resumption Date

Ondo Announces Resumption Date
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Ondo announces school resumption date, gives COVID-19 guidelines in the states.

Earlier Ondo State government announces September 14 as the new date for reopening of schools.

This resumption is for Junior Secondary School JSS 3 students in the state.

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The resumption is in phases and category. Although Jss3 students are to resume first.

One of the reasons why students in this categories are to resume immediately is to enable them prepare for their certification examination.

The Vice-Chancellor, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Prof.Adesegun Fatusi and Chairman of the State Committee on COVID-19 reveal this while presenting updated guidelines for COVID-19 prevention in the state.

The COVID-19 prevention guidelines are borne out of the need for the people to get back to normal life. Fatusi notes.

Read the full statements below

“The state is actively monitoring preparations regarding the provision of adequate logistics for COVID-19 prevention for all primary schools.

The announcement regarding the date of resumption will be made at an appropriate date.

“Junior Secondary School (JSS) JSS 3 students will resume according to the following schedule while the date for resumption of other classes shall be announced at an appropriate future date.

Fatusi noted that “September 7-13: Preparation by schools to receive students with provisions that meet with the public health guidelines against COVID-19;

Monitoring of schools’ preparations by relevant government agencies and teams. September 14-18: Revision for students in schools.

Resumption of other Routine activities in the state

Aside from school resumption, government also permit reopening of church, mosques within a proposed hours

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“Churches and mosques can hold their activities any day of the week, but not between the hours of 10.00 pm and 4.00 am.

“The duration for any indoor religious service must not be more than 2 hours on any occasion.

“Conventions or similar special programmes can hold for only three (3) consecutive days at a time, but not between the hours of 10.00 pm and 4.00 am on any day;

“The maximum duration for such programmes must not exceed three hours on any single occasion.

Night vigils are prohibited during the partial resumption

“Vigils are totally prohibited until further notice; Special outdoor religious programmes that may involve the mass gathering of people such as crusades are still prohibited until further notice.

“Not more than 50 per cent of the capacity of the building of the Church, Mosque or any other religious body must be filled during any programme.

“Wear face masks properly (completely covering the nose and mouth) throughout the programme.

“The current stay-at-home order regarding government workers/civil servants on salary grade level 1-12 is to be maintained until further notice.

Displaying of No Mask, No Entry signs during partial Resumption

All government offices must clearly and boldly display the signs of “No Mask, No Entry; No Mask, No Services” at the entrance of their offices and at strategic points in the workplace

“Markets can open on any day of the week, but not between the hours of 10.00 pm and 4.00 am and must Observe physical distancing – a space of two metres or 6 feet (two arm’s length between all individuals at all times;

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“Bars and Clubs are now allowed to open and operate daily but not between the hours of 10.00 pm and 4.00 am.

Permission To Hold Wedding/Events During Partial Resumption

“Permission to hold social events (Wedding, burial, etc) in Church/Mosque or Reception Halls/Event Centre must be sought in writing, at least one week, from the Special Adviser on Health/Ag Commissioner for Health and approval obtained before an event is organised and the number of people to participate in an event must not be more than 50 per cent of the capacity of the Church or Mosque.

“Permission to hold a wake-keep event must be sought in writing, at least one week, from the Special Adviser on Health/Ag. Commissioner for Health and approval obtained before an event is organised; burial wake keep event can hold on any day, but not between the hours of 10.00 pm and 4.00 am, not more than 100 people are allowed at an event taking place in the open; for events taking place in a hall or event centre, not more than 50 per cent of the capacity of such hall/event centre should be filled.

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Political Activities/Campaign venues

“Political Activities such as Campaign venues should not be filled to more than one-third of their capacities and social distancing (minimum of 2 metres or 6 feet) strictly maintained, avoid the gathering of a large number of people; Where gathering cannot be avoided, social distancing should be strictly adhered to during physical meetings/programmes and such an event must not go beyond two hours.

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“If a physical gathering is essential and cannot be avoided, multiple rallies should be conducted with appropriate numbers of people to enable adequate physical distancing in each gathering per time.

“All participants at a rally or any other political event must properly wear face masks throughout a campaign rally or other political activities.

Ogun Announces September 21 As Resumption Date

Other states that announce resumption date include: Ogun state, Lagos, Anambra, Kogi, etc.

We have given some of the summary and version and headlines of each of the confirmatory state made by the state governors about school reopening and dates.

To get full story, search headline in the newspaedia search box.

Ogun State Government has announce Monday, 21 September, 2020 as the new date for reopening of schools in the state for the first term of 2020/2021 academic session.

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Lagos Fixes Date For school Resumption

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, directs all tertiary Institutions in Lagos to re-open on September 14th, 2020 while Primary & secondary schools to remain shut till further notice.

Meanwhile, Primary and secondary schools are also probably scheduled to re-open from September 21st, 2020.

Lets hope all schools will reopen soon and at the appropriate time.

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