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EndSARS: Protester Voices Out Amidst Protest

EndSARS: Protester Voices Out Amidst Protest
Cartoon flakes showing endsars protest in Nigeria

EndSARS: Protester Voices Out Amidst Protest accross the country.

If you complain about SARS, what about “the people we voted into power.” The ephemera demonstration.
The world appears to be carried away by so many things. What happens when you tend to loose formation?

Why don’t you do it when you know you can do it? Just do it. Within and away, it began in 2010 when I lost my red line.

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My drive for knowledge had taken me out of Nigeria to Gold Coast, a neighboring country that is about 580 air miles from Abuja and 1,219 km by road.

The expedition warranted my quandary, hampered by my understanding and appreciation of the concept of times.
The consciousness of the Baconian dreams and Draconian nightmares made it more seamless.

The ease of losing a loved one in train of tech hurts. Though we might be worlds apart – the feeling might be mutual.

But in the midst of these, I found one sublime beautiful lesson.

More interesting is how we have come to creatively adapt with the status-quo.
As intriguing as it may, I needed my reminder because a faded pencil is better than the best memory.

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Though understanding is better, the find doesn’t end in mortality.
On one occasion, I tried to login to my first Facebook but couldn’t.

Not a new thing. I was at another attempt presented with random pictures from my Facebook friends (FF) that I should pair the pictures with the corresponding names – that, I couldn’t as well.

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What’s the justification for keeping me out when I wasn’t kicked out? Couldn’t tell till time told me to remind Mark Zuckeberg and A.

I that from my view, some of these names were and are pseudonyms leading to the complications of identity.

Somehow, I lost some good friends and moved on. It wasn’t easy to pretend I wasn’t hurt but my tears glands were too far.
Sometimes, you lose your sleep to please who, what and with what? Gadgets. As we continued to travel in tech with the bus of universal time, remember the terms in order not to breach security protocols.

The misapprehension that where we are according to some wouldn’t have been without colonization – some gratitude. This is in discreet from the school of contact situation. Rogues. Notwithstanding how far we have sojourned, the experience perhaps is mutual.
My goodness! How can two distinct people bear exactly same names and in same sequence? Yahoo where is Ella-Yahoo?

A projection or forecast from year 2000 and beyond didn’t state how soon certain things would turn out even if they were expected. I submitted my logins by hitting the enter key on my keyboard.

Another failed login was the feedback I got. I became confused like the discontinued Microsoft Word 1999 office assistant. I contemplated the words, syntax and algorithms I could possibly have used as response to the security questions asked, all to no avail.

The crash around 2011 should make you know the answer of where items go to when deleted even from the recycle bin. Time unveiled.
The code named bexform failed to login not because I was wrong, so proposed it will gift me an A. I that will behave and interact like me on social media long after am gone to the point of no return, but the code # already has. Data is A.I livewire.
So I will teach my comrades that to an extent, even a fool in the eyes of an acclaimed Wiseman is made from and for content.
And one came to me ‘help me; I got into something that am finding difficult to come out from.

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‘The irony is – my sister – still a victim, my tribesmen still victims and host of others. Benefit boys and benefit girls misplacing priorities.
One scope in the lexicon of their register is ‘they need to pay theirs for the colonization and maybe neo/decolonization (sic). We may be sorry. The system is faulty, the logic is faulty.

They use same to intimidate who they will because they are consumed with the illusion of survival for the fittest. Nigeria is not a jungle of rogues – explainable.
We ought to be organized for relativity in progress. If we are to wake and demonstrate, the better part of the awakening should be for accountability.

Let’s not give support to cybercrimes, banditry, kidnappings and without prejudice human right vsiolation by Public Officers for Legal Investigation and Criminal Emergency (P.O.L.I.C.E).
Finally, to the head – prove to these benefit boys that ‘las las, school no be scam.’





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