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Bride Price Should Only Be Paid For Only Virgins – Omokri

Bride Price Should Only Be Paid For Only Virgins – Omokri
A file photo of Reno Omokri on instagram

Bride Price Should Only Be Paid For Only Virgins – Omokri

Just when you feel you have heard it all, only for Reno Omokri clear the air.

Reno Omokri, ex-spokesperson to former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, says bride price should only be paid for virgins.

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The controversial critic and author who made the statement via Twitter, said the Bible contains scriptural evidence to back up his assertion.

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Quoting a verse in Exodus, Omokri said biblically bride price should only be paid for women who are to be married as virgins.

He arguably said that in deeply rooted traditional African society, bride price is meant to be paid for only virgins and not non virgins.

Bride Price Should Only Be Paid For Only Virgins – Omokri Insists

Omokri wrote;

“What I am going to say will shock people. Scripturally, Bride Price is ONLY paid for virgins. Don’t argue with me. Argue with God.

See Exodus 22:16-17. By virtue of Scripture (and also in traditional African society), you pay no Bride Price for non virgins. #RenosNuggets #EndSARS”.

see Reno’s tweet:

“As Christians, we must adjust our lifestyle to suit Scripture, rather than adjust Scripture to suit our lifestyles Too often, we adjust our lives to church doctrine. Church doctrine cant take you to heaven, because many church doctrines have pagan origins” he says.

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Below are some of the reactions to Reno’s statement

@Sommylola says: even if you are a prostitute…. immediately you give your life to Christ in truth..start seeking God his righteousness, holiness and kingdom automatically you are a VIRGIN…for he that is in Christ is a new creature

BIGE@ige_babatope says: Thank I deflowered my wife. I didn’t waste my money for paying her bride price. Thanks Abike for keeping yourself for me.

OLOMO @SegunOlomo says: And what about men…..if men have had pre-marital sex ,what makes them worthy of marrying a Virgin?….did God give details about this too?


  • Do you think Reno Omokri is right on this?
  • Should bride price only be paid to only virgins?
  • In today’s society, do you think we still have virgins like before?


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