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Major Causes Of Plane Crash

Major Causes Of Plane Crash
The wreckage of cargo plane carrying supplies for peacekeeping force troops after the crash in Somalia's capital. Year: October 13, 2015 photo credit: AFP via Getty Images

Major Causes of Plane crash, globally are explained below.

Although plane crash occurrences are rare, pilots still need to take certain things into consideration judging from the previous accidents and monsters incidents.

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Some instances of Plane Crash

In June 2012, a Lagos-bound Dana Air from Abuja, crashed into a two-storey building at outskirts of Lagos, claiming all the lives of153 passengers.

Premiumtimes reports that an aircraft, marked 5N-RAM, disappeared from the radar scope of the Lagos Air Traffic Control after communication from the tower to the pilot in command failed, before it crashed into the residential building on Tolulope Street, in Toyin area of Ishaga.

The General Manager of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), Femi Oke-Osanyintolu, said that the aircraft hit a power line and subsequently crashed into the building which comprised of six flats.

Recall in 2020, a cargo plane crashed at the international airport in Somalia’s capital.

Transport minister Mohamed Abdullahi Salad told reporters that the plane had just taken off for Beledweyne town in central Somalia, but returned to the airport after detecting mechanical problems.

Similarly, in July, a cargo plane carrying humanitarian aid crashed in Beledweyne in central Somalia.

And in May, six people were killed when a Kenyan plane with African Express carrying medical supplies crashed on approach to Bardale in the Bay region.

The Major Causes of Plane Crash

  • Engine Failure/Human Error

In tthe case of a cargo plane crashing at the international airport, unexplainable things happen which worsened the situation thereby making the pilot lost control.

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Flight instructor says:

First, ice crystals obstructed the plane’s pitot tubes that resulted in a loss of airspeed readings followed by the crew’s incorrect reaction to the malfunction, poor situational, management, and inadequate training.

“Had the instrument system not had the problem, the fact pilots were unable to handle the problem would not have ever had the chance to pass and the aircraft would have landed normally in Paris,”

Mackey, a former Pan Am flight instructor and Boeing 747 captain said. “It took two things, it took something wrong and then someone not knowing how to deal with what was wrong.”

  • Bad weather/Thunderstorms

Heavy rainstorms, fog and snow can make it more difficult for planes to maneuver and can lead to deadly accidents.

Visibility issues, high winds and skidding during takeoff and landing are some of the most dangerous weather-related threats to aircraft. 

A severe thunderstorms are also deadly though its occurence is rare compared to other Causes.

Wings of the flight can easily cause crash especially when there’s a turbulent thunderstorm.

Air Traffic Controllers and Ground Workers Errors

Most often information and support from air traffic controllers is what pilots rely on.

Air traffic controllers must coordinate with many different planes at once, and often must take factors such as weather and fuel into consideration when scheduling takeoffs and landings.

Any error made by an air traffic controller has the potential to result in an aviation accident, possibly involving more than one aircraft. 

And just like pilots, air traffic controllers are ordinary human beings, subject to the same imperfections and just as liable to make errors.

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Like air traffic controllers, there are other people responsible for the safety of every flight. 

These set of people include dispatchers, loaders, or maintenance engineers.

Ground workers are sometimes made to work long shifts, and the resulting fatigue can occasionally result in catastrophic mistakes.

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