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ASUU Strike: Probable Resumption Date For All Tertiary Institutions

ASUU Strike: Probable Resumption Date For All Tertiary Institutions
A file photo of Chris Ngige and Ogunyemi.

ASUU Strike: probable resumption date for all tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

Concerning the ongoing ASUU strike which seems not to end, do you think it can be called off anytime soon? -The answer is yes. See ASUU requirement for strike to be suspended.

According to ASUU President, Prof.Ogunyemi, members of the union are still consulting and waiting for the government to fulfil its promise of releasing members’ withheld salaries.

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We are still consulting; we have not finished consultation, by the end of this week we shall make our report public. There are promises government made with dates. Government promised to release salaries of our members. The withheld salaries have not been paid and we need to have information on that. Government should not expect us to resume without releasing our salaries.”

He noted that once the timeline expired this week without the salaries being paid, the union would take a final decision.

ASUU Strike: Probable Resumption Date For All Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

Presently, the new resumption date for all public institutions in the country remains unknown and uncertain as Ogunyemi said that he could not decide when ASUU will suspend the strike.

In a statement, he said:

I can’t vouch for anything about resumption, but my members will determine that. The only thing I know is that payment of withheld salaries can smoothen the process and that is what we have told the government. It will aid the final decision.

ASUU strike can be called off any time or moment federal government pays the outstanding salaries of its members and are able to meet and implement all its pending demands.

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The ASUU president, also said that government gave a timeline in which the body is monitoring. Any moment the timeline expires later in week, its members will take a final decision.

He also stressed that If they pay the withheld salaries, it will make the process easier to handle.


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