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Breaking: ASUU Calls off Nine-months Old Strike

Breaking: ASUU Calls off Nine-months Old Strike
A file photo of students packing out of University of Lagos. Photo credit: Gettyimage

Breaking: ASUU calls off nine-months old strike although students might not resume immediately due to the second wave of COVID-19.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has called off its nine-month-old strike on Wednesday following the report the poor economic situation would not permit government tackle some of their pending demands and needs.

According to reports, after meeting various stakeholders including the Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF, the leadership of the National Assembly among others, and the ASUU leadership was told of the dire economic constraints the government is facing, it had no option other than to call of the strike

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ASUU Calls off Nine-months Old Strike

A source said in order not to be further blackmailed by the government as being too intransigent, ASUU had to call off the strike.

“You can see that the Federal Government has been trying to portray the union in bad light by saying they have met all the demands of the union. Despite the fact that the demands of the union were not fully met, the government kept saying they have met those demands.

“If it is the way and manner the government’s delegation negotiated, it was nothing to write home about. Some concerned parties also stepped in and given the fact that the economy is in bad shape, the union has to make some concession, “ read the statement.

 To me, the nine months could be said to have been wasted. What are the demands they made that were met? Students just stayed at home for nine months doing nothing. We have not gained anything as a nation or that the education sector has been left better off.

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“There is nothing we can say is the return on the strike. We hope that the nation will one day jettison this waste of time exercises. A whole year has been needlessly lost, ” he said.

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I think government needs to compensate the students for wasting and delaying the precious time they would have used to study in schools.

Students are the ones who suffered the whole thing… Or what do you think? Comment below


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