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NSCDC Past Questions And Answers

NSCDC Past Questions And Answers
A file photo of NSCDC officials.

NSCDC past questions and answers is available for qualified candidates who scale through the first phase of the screening exercise.

We have been able to compile some of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense past questions and answers from the previous years.

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The past questions cover the following areas:

  • Mathematics,
  • English Language and
  • General Knowledge/Current affairs

By studying this material, you will have an insight into the exams conducted by the Nigerian Army and thereby having an edge over your competitors.

See past Questions below

  1. The Nigerian Civil War began in the year—–?


2. what year was Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps first introduced?

Answer- May 1967

3. What led to the creation of the NSCDC?

Ans- Nigeria Civil War

4. What was the initial name of the NSCDC when it was first established?

Answer: Lagos Civil Defence Committee

5. What year did the former Lagos Civil Defence Committee become officially known as Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps?

Answer: 1970

 6. In what year did the NSCDC become a National Security Outfit?

Answer: 1984

7. Who signed into law and approved the statutory backing of the NSCDC and in which year?

Olusegun Obasanjo – 28th June, 2004

8. What are the primary duties of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps?

9. To ensure counter measures against any form of threat, attack or disaster against the Nation and it citizenry.

10. The following are institutions of the NSCDC and their respective locations except ——?

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College of Peace Keeping – Kano State.

11. The following are constituent of Nigeria executive arm except——–.

State Civil Service

12. One of these is not an institution under the presidency


13. In what year did Nigeria become a British Colony?


14. The Nigerian flag was created and designed in what year?


15. The new federal capital of Nigeria (Abuja) was officially pronounced on —–?

1st December, 1991

16. what year was Naira & Kobo first introduced in Nigeria?

1st January, 1953

NSCDC Past Questions And Answers (Part II)

  1. The present Commandant General of NSCDC is
    (a) Abdullahi Gana Mohammadu
    (b) Abiola Atunramu
    (c) Martin Kure Abeshi
    (d) Adewale Abolurin
    Answer: A.

2. Which of the following is the core duty of Nigeria Civil Defence?
(a) Manning boarders
(b) Protecting lives and properties
(c) Issuance of all Nigerian travel document
(d) Deporting of foreigners
Answer: C.

3. The NSCDC was formally established by the act of parliament in
(a) 1967
(b) 1970
(c) 2003
(d) 2007
Answer: A.

4. A car is traveling at an average speed of 80kmh-1. Its speed in metres per second (m/s) Is
(a) 13.3m/s
(b) 22.2m/s
(c) 133.3m/s
(d) 222.2m/s
Answer: B

5. If the children share N10.50K among themselves in the ratio 6:7:8, How much is the largest share?
(a) N3.00
(b) N3.50
(c) N4.00
(d) N4.50
Answer: C

6. A trader makes a loss of 15% when selling an article. Find the ratio, selling price: cost price.
(a) 3:20
(b) 3:17
(c) 17:20
(d) 20:23
Answer: C.

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7. The first Secretary-General of Commonwealth was
(a) George Washington
(b) Tulma Goldie
(c) Arnold Smith
(d) Joseph Garba
Answer: C.

8. Lagos became a crown colony in
(a) 1862
(b) 1861
(c) 1841
(d) 1886
Answer: A.

9. The first world war took place between
(a) 1911-1914
(b) 1914-1916
(c) 1916-1918
(d) 1914-1918
Answer: D.

10. The western and eastern Nigeria became self-governed in
(a) 1959
(b) 1960
(c) 1957
(d) 1956
Answer: C.

11. The first head of the government of Nigeria was
(a) Yakubu Gowon
(b) Aguiyi Ironsi
(c) Tafawa Balewa
(d) Nnamdi Azikiwe
Answer: C.

12. The first military president of Nigeria was
(a) Sanni Abacha
(b) Ibrahim Babangida
(c) Aguiyi Ironsi
(d) Yakubu Gowon
Answer:  B.

13. Nigeria became a republic in
(a) 1963
(b) 1960
(c) 1976
(d) 1961
Answer: A.

14. The Northern and Southern protectorate was amalgamated in
(a) 1914
(b) 1919
(c) 1921
(d) 1900
Answer: A.

15. The first Executive president was
(a) Nnamdi Azikiwe
(b) Olusegun Obasanjo
(c) Sheu Shagari
(d) Goodluck Jonathan
Answer: C.

16. The first colonial governor-general of Nigeria was
(a) Tulma Goldie
(b) James Robertson
(c) Huge Clifford
(d) Lord Lugard
Answer: D.

17. The highest court in Nigeria is
(a) Court of Appeal
(b) Supreme court
(c) Federal High Court
(d) Magistrate court
Answer: B.

18. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is based on the
resolution of the?
a. Human Right Watch.
b. United Nations Organization.
c. Amnesty International.
d. League of Nations.

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19. Which of the following is not a function of the Independent National
Electoral Commission (INEC)?
a. Administering Oath of office to elected officers.
b. Conducting Periodic Elections.
c. Recruitment of Electoral Officers.
d. Registration of political parties.
e. Registration of Voters.

20. A representative of a Commonwealth Country in another member
state is called…………..?
a. Ambassador.
b. Attaché.
c. Consul-general
d. Diplomat.
e. High Commissioner.

21. Who among the following can be described as the founding father of
Nigerian Nationalism?
a. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
b. Herbert Macualay.
c. Ahmadu Bello.
d. Obafemi Awolowo.

21. Conflicts are better resolved in the society through……………..?
a. Tribunal.
b. Litigation.
c. Dialogue.
d. The Court.

22. More questions to be updated soon… Keep following newspaedia

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Notice: some of the answers provided may not be 100% correct. We urge you to make research to find correct answers.


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