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Newspaedia blog being published by Iniobong Okon ,a professional Linguist, writer and educationist was founded February 31, 2018. The website fully became active On June 1, 2020 after the author upgraded it.

Newspaedia, as the name implies, means news and education or enlightenment. Newspaedia updates solely focuses on writing, sharing breaking news, entertainment, education, job opportunities, health and travel/tourism.

In newspaedia, we share videos directly from authoritative sources so as to give accurate and timely information to readers and subscribers.


To render genuine and verifiable information thereby being one of the best online news media setup with the highest numbers of readers and subscribers..


To update and cover breaking news, entertainment, health, jobs, travels, education and editorials from reliable sources in order to keep readers informed.

Also, newspaedia blog is created to eradicate fake information by giving timely and accurate updates.