About Newspaedia

Newspaedia blog being published by Iniobong Okon, professional Linguist, writer and educationist was founded February 31, 2018. The website fully became active On June 1, 2020.

Newspaedia blog is education news website. It is Nigerians’ favourite education and entertainment news website. Newspaedia updates solely focuses on:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Editorial/articles
  • Admissions
  • Latest jobs/ recruitment
  • interviews and past questions


To render genuine and verifiable information thereby being one of the best online education and entertainment news platform setup with the highest numbers of informed readers and subscribers in Nigeria and the world at large.


To give credible and dependable information regarding various happenings in Nigeria and her education system, especially admission, degree programmes, jobs and others relevancies.

Newspaedia blog is created to eradicate fake information by giving timely and accurate information to readers and subscribers.

About Newspaedia website


All Students and youths of this great country and the world, ranging from 15years of age- to old age.

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