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Newspaedia awards an opportunity to subscribers, readers, bloggers, and professionals to share their expertise and interests with the community. We are looking for experts and enthusiasts in news and educational topics to write for us.

Similarly, guest post submissions from authors, educationist, actors, travellers,doctors, investors, finance professionals, innovators, technologists, lawyers, researchers, law firms, attorneys, law students and others who would like to see their work published on well-respected finance, business and legal blog. The subject of content should be related to business, finance, innovation, technology, product reviews, education, health, lifestyle & culture, entertainment, legal & law (lawyers, corporate law, DUI, divorce law, bankruptcy law, law & order, legal explanations, legal guides, and legal news) and many more relevant subjects.

Join our community of hundreds and thousands of visitors who are looking to get help with their technology inquiries, business curiosity, legal cases, legal advice, and legal explanations.

Why you should write for us

There are so much you will gain by the time you write for us. One of such benefits include:

The potentials to reach thousands of niche-specific audience in trivial areas and categories.By writing for us, your business has the potential to reach thousands of niche-specific audiences in relevant categories.

We also hire content writers and pay them so if you are interested, kindly email us at newspaedia.suppport@gmail.com let’s negotiate.

If you’re also for guest post use the email above. Let’s talk better.

Guest Post General Guidelines

We only accept articles or publications that meet the following guidelines.

  • Your posts should be well-written, original, and should not have been previously published
  • Only theme-based articles providing valuable information or tips will be considered.
  • Check the posts before start writing to avoid creating a post on a topic already covered in this site.
  • Post should be written in fluent and communicative English. Proofread and spell-check before sending the post.
  • Be creative and helpful.
  • Word count should be 500 or more.
  • You could provide a short bio and introduce yourself to our readers.
  • You can add one relevant link in your bio.
  • Send 1 related image with your article that would be used as the ‘featured image’
  • Share your post in your social media profiles once it is published.

We do not accept posts that have previously been published on other blogs/magazines.

Areas Of Interest/Niche

Education, news or journalism, celebrities, gossip, entertainment, articles, relationship/dating, fashion, sports, travel, technology & tech, startups, law & legal, health, different finance topics such as personal finance, investing, money management, and other relevant and engaging contents are all ACCEPTED


The authors or writers can choose any topic centered on the theme of Newspaedia website to write.

The writer must be creative and should implore the art of writing through experience, logic and advance educational level.

Preferred Language:

  • English
  • Codemixing is also accepted if the article is culture-based or historical.

If there is any challenge, dont hesitate to let us know. We are always ready to assist.